Our Core Programs

Currently, SARO is focussing on Emergency response Projects, livelihood, protection, Education, Water and Sanitation WASH, Environmental Issues, Health and effective Peace Building and Human Rights as its core programmes. All other subsequent SARO projects closely follow on from the framework of these intervention priorities, among them:

  • The participatory approach – which is usually applied to project identification, implementation and monitoring.
  • Considerations of gender, environment and effective capacity building.
  • Project cycle management guidelines are adhered to in the design, implementation and monitoring of projects.

Education Program

SARO’s strategy is to equip the Somali kids, youth…

Health Program

Effective rehabilitation of available health care centers…

Emergency Response

The community experience from time to time humanitarian crises

Peace and Human Rights

much of the impact of the Somali conflict is borne …

Water & Environmental Sanitation

Major issues requiring agent interventions…

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